Support the children by purchasing handmade crafts!

These paper beads are rolled by hand and then given three coats of shellac. The children are learning to create these necklaces and soon we will be able to sell the ones they make. For now, we have items created by the women in the village where the kids live. If you purchase these we promise every dollar will go to help the children at the orphanage. All administrative costs are covered personally by Craig and Tonya. To ship these necklaces we will charge an additional 5 dollars. These handmade treasures are wonderful reminders of the children we love. When you wear them I assure you people will notice, and you can tell about the beautiful children we support in Uganda. They are learning to create them so they can provide income to have a healthier more well-balanced diet. For just $25, you can feed one child for a month. Thank you for your support of these children!

Aprons are $25.00

Fabric bags are $25.00

Wood knives are $20.00

Baskets are $20.00

Necklaces are $20.00

Bracelets are $5.00


If you have a preference for a pictured item, please add a note (there is an option: note to seller that you can add at checkout) and we will do our best to comply!!


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